Plusnet Customer Support Woes

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The Issue

I was on a conference call via a VoIP system last Thursday at 16:20 and everything was fine… and then nothing, complete disconnection. No Internet. Call was gone. I check my router and it showed disconnected, but all the VDSL lights were active. I went and had a coffee. I came back and checked again, still nothing, so I went online to my ISP’s (Plusnet – website via my mobile phone. I could see no faults reported, but there was some status reports that were a bit strange as they showed 0 days of outage but other parameters show months of outage on services that patently were working (like the very portal I logged into). I called their support line but it said there was a 15 minute or more wait time so I turned to social media. I bitched about my connection being down, and asked the Plusnet account whether there was an outage… they posted back a link to do basic checks on my line and service (I had already done these). They seemed to not want to answer the question about whether there was an outage (by this time I had heard that others in my town from other providers were also having similar issues). I formally reported the fault and checked back with the Twitter account. Still they avoided the questions. Finally they said there was NO outage (despite this now being confirmed by other providers to friends and neighbours). I settled down to an evening without my Internet connection (so did my family which caused some consternation amongst the kids). I received a notification in the fault system that there was an issue (but still not apparently with everyone – just me according to Plusnet) and that the next time to provide an update was Sunday.. SORRY! Sunday? What the hell! This cannot be true, so I waited and waited. In the morning, I made alternate working plans and still nothing from Plusnet.

The Follow On

By the afternoon, we checked in with our neighbours who confirmed that their ISP (not Plusnet) had been in touch and after 13:30 it was all resolved. For me though, this was 17:00 and I had just asked for an update and still nothing had come through from Plusnet. I did the checks and rebooted the router and all the connectivity was there. Still nothing back from Plusnet. I asked them again what was going on. Nothing. I raised the issue in the system that I was appalled that there had been no update and gave them until Monday to respond, after all they were supposed to check back on the issue on Sunday.


As of this moment – nothing, no information, no response, the issue is still open in their system and I suffered a 26 hour outage but it was fixed for everyone on Friday, and the best source of updates was my neighbours and my own investigation (I had identified that the fault was with the concentrator in the exchange). I did all that work. My ISP did nothing apparently.

Plusnet has been a reliable and good service for over 10 years for me, but this last incident has pointed to a falling away of performance and capability that I wish they would answer. After all – I don’t pay £9.99 for my service – I pay a lot more for a higher tier, and I don’t expect it to operate totally without fault but I do expect any ISP to be able to provide customer support and information about what is going on in their service and to be honest. Your turn to respond Plusnet.