Being Connected

Everyday I come across something that should be unbelievable. Seemingly professional and intelligent people in a business context who pay little or no attention to their interactions with other professional and intelligent people. What, I hear you ask, is the cardinal sin that these people suffer from? Having publically available invalid contact details – either incorrect or out of date or dead accounts.

What? Where? How?

The what are their phone numbers and email addresses. Where is on Linkedin, Skype and other social comms services. How is because many people do not realise that the Linkedin and Skype apps act as address books on smartphones which can easily override any existing contact details that you may have provided your business contacts via the ‘manual’ method of exchanging business cards.

So what is the source of this error – the fact that many people do not set the contact email address as their business email and that they do not bother at all or leave an old  phone number in there. In fact many people don’t bother to update their details when they switch jobs either, making it even worse. I will not even talk about those people who don’t even check their Linkedin or Skype accounts for messages.

It is not just Linkedin and Skype. It is every communications or record system that they have ever interacted with someone else on. It is as if they have an aversion to people contacting them, in some case that is true. Just think of the lost emails, phone calls and, most importantly of all, lost business from this lack of attention.

Most of all though, I selfishly think of my time and business lost…