Vodafone, cockups and loss of services

Vodafone have launched a replacement phone service for SMEs today.

Info about the new service

Vodafone has done its homework and says that for businesses, a day without a smartphone means a day they lose up to £12,000.On its behalf, YouGov has surveyed more than a thousand of small and medium-sized businesses in the UK and, according to the survey’s results, such a business has four new opportunities each day. The report says each opportunity is valued at more than £3,000, although it failed to elaborate more on how it got to that figure.Nevertheless, not having a smartphone means fairly big losses, and Vodafone would hate to see well-paying customers fail. That is why it now introduced Vodafone Rapid, a very fast smartphone delivery service for businesses.

Source: A day without a smartphone means £12K losses for SMBs | ITProPortal.com

This is somewhat of a joke considering what has been happening to me over the last two weeks and became a new major issue today. With Vodafone I transitioned a mobile phone account from my own name to my company which resulted in two days of outage – that was very poor but I could expect that as they felt it necessary to send me a new SIM (No idea really why – makes no sense).

I then went overseas on Wednesday last week and found myself without data as they did not transition the services properly, which took several hours to resolve. Then at around midnight last night, Vodafone deactivated my SIM for ‘unspecified’ security reasons. Trying to access their online services for my account result in no info about my account and now no access as they require SMS authorisation for online account access. Calling and escalating to a manager has not resulted in resolution and I am still without services. Stuff can go wrong, but not like this – this is just idiocy – particularly as it is still NOT resolved and I am still without service.

Based on their own calculation for their new replacement phone service, I could have lost upwards of £36,000 and still counting. Pity they don’t have a way of fixing their own service that does not require shipping physical devices. It looks like I have no alternative to wait and consider alternative providers, because even though I don’t value my time as much as their new service does – I do value it sufficiently to know that this level of pain is not supportable.


Still no real news other than it seems the disconnection of the service is not explainable. That is not a good thing for any operator to tell a customer. The best thing to tell a customer when a mistake is made is the absolute full unadulterated truth. Vodafone is failing right now, like the other issues I have had recently, to actually communicate with a customer in a poor situation. If they did that, they could save them and not build up the lack of satisfaction so much that they just want to leave…


Overnight, the SIM was still deactivated so I duly made contact with Vodafone. This time the operative looked at what was wrong and ticked an on-screen box and BANG – my SIM was reactivated. That took 5 minutes. There is no explanation from Vodafone for why after all of the last day and a half, they seemingly could do nothing but one person just did it this morning. Random and bizarre. I have submitted a complaint about the issues I have had since transition and the lack of support to Vodafone. I don’t expect anything back. I am just glad that my service apparently works…