Annoying Google Feature No.1

Ok, it was supposed to be useful… Power up your web browser and connect to and depending where your IP address is from give you the local version of Google in the right language. Sounds great initially but it is a clumsy stupidity. As if where your IP is registered actually describes what language you are after…

I remember my old account where powering up would give me the homepage in German, simply because chello chose to register all its IP addresses in Austria (as they are a cross Europe ISP).

Now what causes my problem now. I have logged in to my Google Reader account (note that Google knows a lot about me from that account including the fact that I am from the UK and wish to use English) and found it displaying everything to me in Dutch purely because I am in a Dutch hotel with a Dutch IP address. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Stop it Google, do it more intelligently if you are going to do it. I know, just give an option that if you want Dutch Google then use If you want the French Google, then ask people to use

Annoyed in Amsterdam šŸ™‚

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