Best Laid Plans – EeePC out, MSI Wind in

So, everything set and off to IBC2008. What happens two days in? Laptop dies. The EeePC goes and decides to lose a part of the registry, so no more blogging or picture posting. I have had to do it all now I am back, well the blogging is going to take a little longer and have to be portrayed differently now though.

However, one thing to say – the EeePC had a lovely 4GB SSD and was running Windows XP. A little investigation back here confirmed failure of the SSD and it is now away for an up to 4 week holiday whilst it gets repaired. Now, this is all being done under warranty but there is a suspicion that I ran into the flash write life issue but I cannot be certain. All I know is that it is dead to the world and I have therefore switched to a new netbook – the MSI Wind.

To be precise the Advent 4211.

I can say the new machine is really nice and everything I could have hoped for as well as the major annoyance – the battery life. I am now searching around for the 6 cell battery to get me back to my four hours plus of usage, rather than the weak under 2 hours that the current MSI battery does.

I also have the issue about what to do with the EeePC when it returns… Hmm sell it on?

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