Having a break and consequences

Well I have stopped travelling around for a while and have begun getting myself comfortable in the home office. Many people are surprised at this choice, but they should not be.

Anyway, I have found some very definite consequences of my lack of travelling… I am not getting the podcasts in and I am now running two or three weeks behind on some – mainly because of my recent holiday combined with the lack of driving.

I have started to listen through my increased Gym visitations and around the house, although the family are being driven insane by the constant American voices (that I am used to and they are not). The other plus is that I will be going on a little business trip to Amsterdam for IBC2008 and that should allow me to catch up some through the flight and the morning ablutions. I will get caught up and not feel like I am time travelling.

It is important to note that there are always consquences to every choice… even if other people do not think they are important 🙂

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