More Vodafone issues and an ending…

vodafone_rapid_delivering-phoneI posted about many of my problems with Vodafone almost three weeks ago. It would have been nice to say that it all ended well, but the problems continued through until it was finally the issues with my SIM were resolved on Wednesday afternoon, July 29th. By that time however, Vodafone had lost me as a customer and I took steps to exit from the service having already subscribed to an alternate service on Monday July 27th. I now have a view of the whole problem and it does not show Vodafone in a good light at all, and they know it. The travesty of the last few weeks is set out as follows:

  • Simple request to change ownership in late May
  • Poor handling of the switch by sending a new SIM to the wrong place
  • Not transitioning the services on the original SIM to the new SIM
  • Messed up the tariff transfer
  • Sending the wrong SIM type (seemed it was not a UK SIM), which required me to switch to a new SIM by going into the store
  • Leaving customer data in two different billing systems.
  • Multiple Customer support operators using incorrect records to mis-activate multiple SIMs which simply was not resolved and left me with a split service for over a week. Split service means various services on various platforms rather than one.
  • Using the ‘replace the SIM’ approach despite it being obvious from the beginning that it was a network issue
  • Continued inability to resolve a simple admin issue of the records
  • Promising to fix it the next day so often that it almost should have been a recording, and still not fixing it.
  • Failing to provide the PAC code when requested, it took three days.
  • Finally understanding what they had done and giving me free exit from the contract (thank you)

According to the news sources, Vodafone is suffering many issues just like mine which points to serious issues in the management of their UK operation through their inability to deal with the underlying issues. I do hope that they hurry up and resolve these as if my experience goes they must be haemorrhaging customers.

I was perfectly happy until this issue occurred. Then I suffered significant effort to resolve the issue, and I was without a critical service for two and a half weeks in all. Now I cannot recommend them at all, and suggest that no one uses their services until there is a clear sign that this is resolved.