The book is all buffed up

HP Chromebook 11Last week I did something crazy… I bought a Chromebook. What use would this be? A computer that is not a computer… a laptop that needs connectivity to work at its best… Well I am mightily impressed at its speed and utility. The brutal truth is that for much of the time that I use a computer, I am using Internet services almost exclusively and where I do need an app or two, then Google does provide along with my subscription to Office365. I can really recommend these as a good device for the home with the added advantage that you can ignore much of your work life as much of the corporate world is not yet fully cloud oriented.

The one I purchased, the HP Chromebook 11 is a very nice looking device. It has great battery life, it is light, it has a beautiful screen that is pretty bright (but not retina or anything like that), and it is really fast even under tasks that Chrome would have struggled with on my “full computer”. It works really well supported by my use of Picasa, Google Music, Google Drive and Microsoft Onedrive. Also at £199 it was an absolute steal… and for those getting into it I do suggest looking at the following two links to get started (not worrying too much about the business reference).

Very nice use of another IP address in the home.

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