The Modern Home

Home NetworkHaving recently moved, I needed to make a number of changes to my home network to ensure it worked within the new house as well as covering new requirements from my rapidly growing and maturing children and taking advantage of new technology that became available such as much higher speed internet connectivity. This involved structuring the home network with a varied mixture of Gigabit switches, multiple powerline extensions and three separate wireless access points to ensure it reached the whole house. My needs are not extraordinary, nor is my house extraordinarily large but I can say that this sort of networking design is not for the faint hearted – I have the advantage of my years as a network engineer, which I needed to ensure I got the best performance.

How the every-person in the street will deal with this I can only guess – as in guess that they don’t and they struggle by mostly with WiFi with very low performance in all but the central part of their houses. This is barely fit for today’s OTT video services, and how they will fair with the HD/UHD services that are coming is definitely ‘they won’t’. This is one of the challenges now in the TV industry… not the last mile, it is the last 20m in the home – how do you make sure the home network ‘works’. The other critical challenge – how do you scale TV over IP services is the other big challenge considering the steady reports of problems for popular content from NowTV and HBO as good recent examples…

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