Feeding the Gadget Habit – Asus EeePC 701 4G

Well I craved over it before Christmas but could not bring myself to buy one. What am I talking about? The Asus EeePC 701 4G that is. 1Kg of diddy laptop goodness.

Asus EeePC Desktop

I finally succumbed just after Christmas and could not find one for sale in all the stores – they were out of stock. This confirms the success of this little device.

Well I finally found one and snapped it up, even though I had to hover as another customer before me baulked at the fact the only one left was the display model. As soon as she left, I jumped on it and got it out of the store in my sweaty palms as quickly as possible. Now I am figuring out just how useful this little device is. My initial thoughts was a device to cover communications (email and Skype) when I am travelling on non-toil business, when I need to travel light – and also when I am at home and cannot be bothered to get the full machine running in front of the TV. The travel thoughts received a boost once I found out that it worked natively with my T-Mobile Huawei 220 HSDPA USB Modem. I am fully mobile with this thing and it almost fits in my jacket pocket! Even the power brick for it is dinky small – almost smaller than the charger for my mobile phone.

I have also proven that this device drives my numerous pocket USB2 Hard Disks with no problems, these are the 2.5″ ones that power from the USB port itself, not a separate power brick. That solves my document sync and storage issues beyond the built in 4GB and SD card slot. From this I also proved that it is a very capable video and audio player out of the box as well, allowing playback perfectly of any content I had including DivX encoded content.

One thing I had not thought about was replacing my main Core2 Duo laptop with this thing for my work. This seems an impossible stretch but the more I use it and the more I think about it, the more possible it looks. I think I may actually try it for one day. Just have to get a working solution going for my email, calendar and contacts combination on Exchange 2003.

My initial thoughts are that the only negative I have spotted to date is that the screen is not 1024×768 as a minimum, but that I can live with. Specially as I can get the full resolution from any SVGA or above monitor I find knocking around. More thoughts to come.


This post was made completely on my Asus EeePC with no problems including the screen capture and upload.

Also did I mention that this is Linux based! with what seems to be a full implementation underneath the simple menu structure! including SSH and TOP as simple examples!


  1. Hi there, nice review about the Eeepc. I plan on getting one myself for light internet usage around the house. Would you agree that this would be the ideal unit for someone who doesn’t need anything more than the basic ability to watch and listen to the odd DivX and AAC file, in addition to internet browsing and chatting?

  2. Yes, certainly it is a good machine for the ‘around home’ Internet machine particularly due to its instant on capability, low weight and 3 hour battery life – a long time for such a physically small battery.

    You mention AAC – I hope you do not mean protected AAC. It does not have any ability to open protected files from iTunes, nor protected WMA files from Microsoft oriented music sites – but that is not unexpected for a non-mainstream OS. You could then look at setting up Windows XP on it, but that is something I am avoiding as I believe that would impact the machine’s performance.

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