Long time no blog

I have been inattentive to all my blogs for about a month. This is mainly because I have been working hard in my day job and really not having that much time for much else but working, staying in hotels, sleeping and trying to be with the family.

I have been posting to my link blog and twitter whenever I can however, particularly to my company site. Take your time to look at the headline links if you are interested in the consumer electronics space, particularly in the DTV field.

Why blog now? Well, I am trying offline blogging tools. I have looked at some freeware stuff and finally I have gotten around to playing with Windows Live Writer. What I can see, I like. Will need to spend some more time on this, but it is looking positive.

Oh, can I just say that I both love and hate Skype at this point. Love, because I find it so useful in my day to day working to have a phone service that follows me around which is not my mobile.  Hate because I got dropped into the 0207 problem in the UK. Skype lost access to the use of a number of central London telephone numbers, including mine. I have had to acquire a new one, an outer London one unfortunately, but the whole episode has been a bad customer experience which could have run better. As it is now, I have paid out money when I should have paid none. I have been inconvenienced with a pathetic excuse from Skype, when it should have been a reasonable transition to a new number with overlap and no outage. And most of all, I hate to be dependent upon a company with bad customer service.

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