When I was on Vox, the one thing that I really liked was the mobile tools for blogging they had. It was as simple as simple could be.

Now on WordPress, it is a little more complicated, but over the weekend I installed Shozu. It installed easily on my HTC Vox S710, to the storage card of course except for one issue. The software needed to be activated on the phone, but it would not do that over the weekend so I walked away. I came back to it on Monday morning and tried again. This time it worked, and you can see on my blog the single piece of evidence that it seems to work – a photo of the kettle in my hotel room on Monday night.

There are a few things wrong here. Activation was too slow and without any positive or negative feedback. Posting pictures to Facebook went really well and quickly, and the pictures went into specific albums – a nice layer of control. Posting to WordPress did not go as planned however. The picture was posted but it did not seem to appear for a large number of hours. I only noticed it this morning. In addition, I expected for the picture to appear in the pictures area of WordPress and not straight to the page.

It all got there however, and now I have to figure out how to use it in this way. I might have to investigate the other posting mechanisms such as FTP to get the most effective use out of this.

Anyway, nice and finished for this post and goodnight.

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  1. Hey there,
    Thanks for your feedback on ShoZu, it’s always good to hear reports from people about what they liked and didn’t like so we can improve the app.

    The reason you need to activate the app is to create your ShoZu account on our servers which makes the whole ShoZu upload/download service possible. The activation process is one area that we are devoting a lot of attention to and you’ll definitely see some improvements in future to make it much simpler.

    In regards to posting to blogs, many blogs do not allow third party services to post images/videos directly to the blog site – they need to be hosted elsewhere. ShoZu posts by hosting the files on our server, thumbnailing the image/video and linking to the real one.

    Hope this helps!

    Jambo (ShoZu)

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