Linkedin and Groups – Scaling Problem

I recently had cause to provide advice to an organisation that was trying to take babysteps into using Social Media tools to link to a large body of persons with whom they had a long term relationship. The relationship was long term but it was not a real close one, and they need to draw people in to make that relationship close and beneficial to both parties.

The problem was that they wanted to use Linked-in to get that relationship. Ordinarily that is a fine way of getting connections with many business oriented persons but I came across a real problem. That problem is that once a group is created, there is not currently any simple way that people in that body of persons to find this group and join it. The reason being that Linkedin seems to have withdrawn the groups directory from new groups.

What this means is that this group, although it is likely to have tens of thousands of possible members, currently has 3 after one week.

What it also means is that Facebook is winning in the utility side of joining people together in this instance even though Facebook has less of a business credo. It has a better way of marketing/operating groups.

That is very unfortunate for Linkedin.

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