The S710, T-Mobile and Roaming

HTC S710 VoxAbout two months ago I suffered a little problem on my brand new S710. My phone decided to believe it was roaming within my home country and network. Telephoning T-Mobile, they could not help and suggested it was my brand new (unlocked) S710. It seemed interesting to me that at exactly the same time that I had it happen, a number of other person’s also saw it happen to them. I adjusted, stopped worrying about the roaming triangle and altered my data settings so that it would pick up email and browse the Internet as I needed it to and carried on. I went overseas and returned and it was all the same.

Now around 14:00 today a funny thing happened. My phone decided to become very unresponsive and effectively crashed. I power cycled the phone and noticed that it was sluggish on startup after my entering of my SIM pin. During this sluggishness I noticed that the network displayed Home Service instead of T-Mobile UK (which I had seen on my phone since my earlier mishap), for the briefest of moments before displaying T-Mobile on its own without roaming. Interesting, specially because I swore that before the earlier switch to false roaming, I swear that it used to say T-Mobile. I suspected that earlier in the year, the switch was because of this but I could not confirm, because moving my SIM into my old T-Mobile issued phone showed T-Mobile UK on that one as well.

What I would love to know is what is causing this and whether it is going to switch again. Is it, as I further suspected, the result of a T-Mobile mobile base station software upgrade? and they have only now got around to fixing this mis-identification of home network? Can anyone answer me?

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