The end of Demon Internet

Back in the early 1990s, accessing the Internet if you were not in an educational establishment was actually quite hard and could be quite costly. Then along came some weird and wacky guys that gave us access for £10 a week – Demon Internet in my case, although it was dialup at some stunningly slow speeds (I had 2.4Kbps). It was also provided via an interesting piece of DOS software that actually was created for wireless radio transmission of IP, but it worked well enough to give access to FTP, Gopher, Telnet and the rest (this was pre HTTP). It was great and evolved through to ISDN-2 dialup for me whilst I waited for proper broadband, and kept me going after getting used to it at University and also allowed me to continue when I moved to the Netherlands as they had set themselves up there as well and I just roamed to their dialup numbers.

All things come to an end, and now Demon Internet will be ceasing to be

So long old friend even though I left you in 2004…