Sucking Bandwidth

In the early days of the Internet, a bit of web browsing and email barely generated anything of note. Now we are moving into the full IP world where a household is making significant usage of Internet connectivity for IoT, information purposes and video purposes, and the use of bandwidth is now reaching a significant high watermark and that watermark will always be growing. My own household use of internet is growing towards 1TB a month and I can certainly see that being achieved in the next 18 months based on the figures I have for the last 3 months.

bandwidthIt is important to note that this is ‘normal use’, this is not full IPTV or bit-torrenting or serving a business from the home – this is just web, email, video streaming, and cloud service usage. A quick survey of my household revealed that the source of this traffic is 48 separate IP connected devices for a household of 4 … something that is higher than the average 7 devices indicated in recent reports. Maybe we are living in the future.

It is still quite amazing to see this usage, particularly as I am not at home all the time :-).