Golden Wonder – Shame

I hope legal action is taken against these security guards for the threats made against this photographer.  Disgusted.

In this video, Hamst, a proud resident of Scunthorpe who enjoys taking photos of local landmarks for the Visit Scunthorpe site confronts two very nasty security guards for the Golden Wonder factory. The guards are furious that he is taking pictures of the factory from the public pavement and they shower him with threats and abuse at one point, one of them encourages a colleague to run him down with a car. They cite imaginary laws that prohibit taking pictures of private buildings from a public place and repeatedly threaten to sic the police on him.

via Scunthorpe photographer faces down abusive security guards at Golden Wonder factory who want to enforce imaginary law against taking pictures from the public pavement – Boing Boing.

When will people learn that we are supposed to live in an open society.

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