Schools consider searching pupils’ smartphones

I am shocked and appalled at this. No teacher should have the right to search any belongings that my child has – No teacher.

Teachers could get the right to search mobile phone content in a bid to clampdown on cyber-bullying under the new Education Bill.

via Schools consider searching pupils’ smartphones | Education | News | PC Pro.

Similarly the quote from an ‘Executive Principal’, whatever that means, about being allowed to destroy belongings of people because they view it as offensive is similarly abhorent.

These powers should be the reserve of judicial and police bodies just as they are with adults. Just because you are not an adult should not give random people power over you. After all, companies that I work for have nothing like (and rightly so) the powers that are being asked for by these numpties.

If a child has done something or has something that is offensive, then that is the point at which a varying grade of response should be applied using good manners, exclusion/non-admittance, or application of legal powers applied by police and the judiciary in the event that harm is being applied – with the meausure being ‘what would happen if this person were an adult?’.

Or would I have to retaliate with heavyweight privacy tools such as encryption to ensure that my family has rights? Or how about my similarly being able to request a search of their smartphones whenever they meet with me?

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