Skype a threat?

It seems the Italian Police are pushing a message out that ‘Skype is big threat’ because criminals are using it to sidestep widespread promiscuous wiretapping that they have gotten used to over the last decade or so.

They are not alone as similar messages have come from many directions over the last ten years, messages that try to stir up popular support for the application of the type of powers today that were previously only available in the old Warsaw Pact countries and Dictatorships. This is a disturbing and worrying direction being taken by various police and government bodies, a direction that is really a crutch for organisations that either wish to expand their remit or actually want to do the same with less effort – the common word for it is LAZY.

These people who push for wide ranging wiretapping powers need to learn that existing laws and existing investigation methods should be exhausted in catching criminals – after all they have worked in the past and continue to work. There is no evidence that suggest that criminals are getting MORE successful through the application of technology, only that police are getting LESS successful through not applying the right efforts.

By the way, the same can be said for the push in Britain for ISPs to store all internet communication logs and email for all subscribers rather than requiring a warrant to be obtained first for each individual investigation.

You might notice I am irritated by this.

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