Extra-meeting comms – the water cooler/coffee machine

Just read a post and could not help but comment on it…. Twitter is the water cooler for the Mobile worker, the work at home worker, the telecommuter. I can only wholeheartedly agree with Andrew’s views, particularly now as I follow more and more people in the UK as Twitter has taken off.

The only problem at the moment with Twitter, which becomes a real problem for the Corporate entity is that this is the water cooler/coffee machine on acid (if you will excuse the phrase), every comment is blasted out there into the ether for anyone and everyone to pick up – not just those people you can see. The response would be to say what about using another service tailored for the corporate and that can sort of work but you need to include the global conversation – as the power of Twitter is that the links do not follow Corporate lines.

So we are looking forward to the future that is assisted by systems likeLaconica/Identica/Yammer, to build systems that not only segment into Corporate silos, but also federate out to Twitter and other islands of Corporate systems – a bit like email and the recent developments in IM – for the real time microblogging. We can also look forward to realtime conversation logging and filtering at the company firewall as well, to protect against slips, libel and other legal problems. Hopefully all of this will take place without losing the power of the conversation that is found on Twitter today, although I must admit that there is a wealth of information out there now that the Corporate spy can use to second guess their competitors – purely by following what people are doing, saying and NOT saying… they used to call it traffic analysis.

All we can hope for at the moment is that sufficient education is given into the use of these tools, or at least a level of common sense.

In the meantime come on in, feel the twitter stream and you can find me at http://twitter.com/nocky100