Christmas No Mans Land

NoMansLandWelcome to the No Mans Land days of the holidays.

The 28th and 29th of December are days that have little or no purpose between Christmas and New Year. Why do I say this? Well there is Christmas Eve and Christmas Day which have definite purposes. Then (us Anglophiles) we have Boxing Day on the 26th, and then the 27th is ‘the day after Boxing day. The 28th can never be called the day after, the day after Boxing day now can it? and similar for the 29th. The 30th of course is the day before New Years Eve, the 31st is actually New Years Eve, the 1st is that great hangover day for a large number of the population – New Years Day. Then the 2nd is the day after New Years day, and probably back to work for many of us. The rest of the year then carries on, although the 3rd can also be the day when we break at least one New Year’s resolution :-).

So in the absence of a name and purpose, I dub these days No Mans Land – go out and enjoy them.

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