Experiments with Social Networking

Visitors to the site will notice that an awkward little widget has appeared just off to the left. This is part of the Google Friend Connectsystem which allows you to login and show your membership of this site, pretty much in the same way as the MyBlogLog service operates. It seems to offer so much more, something I am going to look into on this site and look to deploy in the future. Until then I am offering purely the method of signing up and showing that you partake in this site, and I will see how this experiment goes. This of course is in addition to theDisqus comments system and active participation in Friendfeed (where you will find me under nocky100) that some of you may have seen. These are all features to get you involved in the site, responding to what has been written, contributing about your experiences as a mobile worker including hints, tips, software ideas and general commentary.

Let us see how this develops.