Manchester – the question answered

Well there you go, Manchester has rejected the implementation of the congestion charge zone. This is not really a surprise, after all there has been no tangible benefits of the existing one in London other than the generation of income for the government to spend on NOT improving transport, to subsidise local services so government funds do not have to be invested there, and/or spend the money in inefficient and wasteful ways.

What is surprising to me is that anyone actually voted for it and that anyone thought it would succeed or benefit anyone? Oh, can someone tell me why increased traffic is NOT a self regulating system? More traffic, then people take alternative routes or restrict what they do and how they do it.

It absolutely disgusts me that this even happens and not just in Manchester. In Kent, I am particularly disgusted after the raising of toll charges for the QEII bridge/tunnel at Dartford to £1.50 from £1.00. The original understanding was that tolls would be levied to pay for the bridge which they did several years ago, then they decided to continue the toll which I can sort of understand as they need to cover the operation costs (but that should really have reduced the fee shouldn’t it?). Now though they have increased it and seem happy to continue charging us forever – pure profiteering at our expense.

Come on, be honest and be fair, and spend your efforts rooting out why local government is today more expensive (ahead of the cost of living/inflation) than it was ten and twenty years ago, and getting that cost down or at least improving local services rather than looking how to generate more money, to pay more out for stuff we have already paid for. Give you a clue – outsourcing is dangerous when you do not manage it well, and can quickly turn into something costing x for you to do, then you paying x+y for someone else to do it with lower quality.

Oh yes, and why do people need to be paid more than the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom to run an Education and Children Services department for just one council?

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