Obviously… Ning

ninglogo One thing I left out explicitly in my post last night about the Great British Firewall is that Ning is also one of these affected sites ā€“ a site that happens user generated content, some of which is deemed objectionable. I am sure the content was objectionable that caused Ning to get onto the IWF list, but why should this then affect all the other users of Ning. This must have been the very thing that was going through their mind when Ning changed their terms and conditions to remove adult content from their service.

The pain and struggle to determine what was acceptable and what was not is something that Ning obviously does not want to have, and also I can see that they also do not want to permanently in the IWF watch list and having all their UK customers accessing Ning via the Great British Firewall forever.

This has some interesting impacts to the future of IPTV in the UK, something that I have covered on my company blog, Mutterings from the HQ.

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