So you got a Netbook, what now?

advent4211msiwindminilaptopsmallYou take it home, do the unboxing, get it powered up and running and now what?

1. Get comfortable with the Linux install that you may have inherited or swap it for Windows XP. If it came with XP, then settle in.

2. Get Firefox 3.0 running, OpenOffice 3.0 onboard, get hooked up to WiFi, and get yourself a 3G card unless it is already built in.

3. If you have a netbook with a 2 or 3 cell battery – get out and buy yourself the 6 cell battery as quickly as you can – you do need it.

4. If you have the HP2133, scour the Internet for instructions on how to get it running Linux or Windows XP because that beast is damn slow with Vista.

5. Get yourself setup with Delicious from Yahoo and add its plug-in to your Firefox or Internet Explorer install so that you can have all your cloud bookmarks tagged and running with you and/or get Foxmarkswith the password sync – now you will have your bookmarks and passwords synchronised across all of your machines as long as you spread the love a little.

6. Migrate your email over to IMAP4 based services unless you already have it…or better move the whole domain over to Google Apps and use their facilities. This way, your email is always going to be available and not locked to a single machine.

7. Get yourself some web storage like

8. Sign yourself up to Skype – with that webcam in your machine, you have an ideal tool for getting into VoIP/Video Conferencing and this is on most of the netbooks by default. Share your Skype ID out.

Now assuming that you have progressed to Windows XP on your netbook…

1. Do all the above but in XP of course.

2. Think about Hosted Exchange for business use…it is slightly better than IMAP4.

3. Get Microsoft Mesh on the netbook and all of your other machines, and share the important folders across all of your machines in Peer-to-Peer mode.

4. Make sure that you setup that Skype install.

5. I know it is my preference, but get yourself a Google Reader setup running and make sure all your textual RSS feeds are setup there.

6. Install Juice for podcast downloads and Miro for vodcast downloads, I always find it comforting to have my text/graphics RSS separate to my audio and video feeds, but you could have it all in Miro.

7. Download Windows Live services such as Live Messenger, Live Photo Gallery, and of course Live Writer for blogging.

8. Optimise your netbook setup to maximise battery life when on battery, and run as fast as possible on mains. Use additional power management tools like Notebook Hardware Control to manage the switch automatically.

And then scour the internet for sites that service the optimisation of your particular netbook for those interesting new tweaks.

Oh, and stay with this blog.