Information Leakage

Much has been said about the ‘leak’ of the membership list of the BNP onto the Internet today. It is an unfortunate privacy breach, with the names, addresses and telephone numbers of a great many people now available to all for nefarious acts and for that I can say it is regrettable. I implore that no one does anything stupid with those details.

However with regards to the now public knowledge that these persons are members of a pretty horrible group, that is not regrettable. If they are forthright in their support of a group, they should not be embarrassed to now be known to be supporters of that group by their family, friends and neighbours. If they were embarrassed or concerned about that membership and what that represents then frankly they should not have been members/supporters. Like they say – do not say or do anything that you would not do if it was to be widely known.

By the way, I have not financially supported directly through money or membership any political party. I have voted for Liberal Democrats, Labour and Conservatives.  I once signed a piece of paper belonging to the Revolutionary Communist Party of Great Britain but that was only to get to see a banned documentary on the troubles in Ireland – something that annoyed me about the government at the time, and I gave them the wrong address as I shared none of their views other than the fact that I should be allowed to see the documentary.

I also went on a Clause 28 protest march to London in 1988 when I was a student. I remember nothing much about it other than the price of beer in London was hellish, because I was more interested in a trip to London for a beer than politics, as many students are.

I see no shame or embarrassment for those votes or those actions. For those friends, neighbours and colleagues who now know this – if you feel disgusted or disturbed then that is your problem 🙂 , not mine.

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