Channel Flip and Wil Harris

When I was running around London last week I bumped into Wil Harrisof ChannelFlip. This site has a goodly collection of tech video reviews as well as more manly fair, and I recommend visiting and subscribing. To tempt you, here is one on the MSI Wind to give you a flavour (although I disagree on a few points about their review but then my Advent was cheaper and does not come with the dodgy bag).

I am now on my third netbook (EeePC 701, EeePC 900 and Advent 4211 – MSI Wind in other words) and I can safely say that the MSI Wind is the best of these. Performance is great, screen is bright enough in daylight, machine is light enough to carry in the ‘man-bag’, and powerful enough for all my boring business software. However I will say that it is only the best once I added a 6 cell battery and 2GB RAM :-)