Why nocky100?

Sometimes people ask why I use the handle nocky100. The boring story is that I once signed up for the old MSN online service (yes, that service that was launched with Windows 95 and was supposed to take over the world… before the Internet walked all over it) with the handle nocky. This was 1995 after all. This was great until I forgot the password for the account (after MSN went free) and then I needed to sign up again and found that I could not use nocky. By the way, this was before they had simple password reset schemes and I was incredibly lazy.

So I picked nocky100, after finding that nocky1 had also been taken and I did not want to be nocky2. That was good, but then I started using it in every signup, particularly because of its other advantage – it is almost always available. So now I am nocky100 on MSN Messenger, Yahoo, AIM, Twitter, Friendfeed, etc Nice, easy and a little boring.

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