Always the bridesmaid, never the bride

There are few times that I catch the technology wave just right…, ok pretty much almost never. Well it seems it has happened to me again. After moving wholesale the MSI Wind from the EeePC and having the deep desire to be able to run the machine for longer than two hours, I try to order the big 6 cell battery. I look around and do not find it available, just lots of ‘it will be in soon’ messages appearing on the various websites.

Via auto email notification I do find a site that has it although I am too late – they sell out in 17 minutes flat. I decide therefore to order it up front and take the wait. I did this today, and now I am looking forward to my lovely 6 cell, over 4 hour battery. Then what do I see…

‘9 cell battery being developed for MSI Wind, that will give 7 hours plus battery life’

That is it… missed it.. but then again when will the 9 cell be available?

Well, let me take heart in the fact that I should get mine in the next two to three weeks, and the 9 cell could be a little while longer than that 🙂

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