Linking across Networks

Great post by Jeff Pulver about how he measures his Facebook contacts based on their interaction with him, for becoming and staying friends with him on Facebook.  You certainly do need to formalise how to manage 5000 friends plus on Facebook. This raised a question in mind about how you measure interaction with people across all the multiple social and business networks, and how can you centralise your interactions in one place? Is this something that has already been done or something that needs to be done? Friendfeed shows some characteristics of this centralised location but I can see a number of deficiencies that do not quite make the grade.. the main one being that your comments are distributed to all your networks in a controlled way. At the moment, interact in Friendfeed and apart from limited Twitter interaction, the interactions stays in Friendfeed.

Hmmm.. got to keep on searching for that one killer aggregator.

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