Facebook – Good press or bad press… you decide

I was reading through my feeds today and saw a post from Blonde 2.0, who should be thanked for pointing me to it. It is the 60 minutes interview with Mark Zuckerburg, which I have heard discussed on some podcasts (I think it was Buzz Out Load). The post can be found here.

What was interesting from this interview is that he comes across exactly as he is… a young guy who had a good idea and executed it (whether it was his is immaterial, execution is all). What is also interesting is that he also comes across as a bit of an ass with a humour bypass operation, and also as someone who patently needs as a founder to find a proper chief executive and COO to run the company for him now the main idea is to grow revenue and make it more of a business.

As a separate point, I use Facebook but the flurry of initial investigation and fun is over now. I refer to it regularly, use it regularly but regularly is now defined as 2 to 3 times a week – not multi-access per day. That is a concern as a business that needs to grow revenue. I have also picked up comments from the blogerati about disinterest in Facebook over the last weeks, what will drive interest now?

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