That is it – back to Windows XP, so long Vista for now

Well, I have tried but I have finally had enough. Had enough of daily crashes (which its new features telegraph to me), the strange power management that does not manage, the sluggish performance, the incredibly hot running and goodness knows what else. I have made sure my stuff is backed up and finally hit the big red button and reinstalled Windows XP on my Core2 Duo laptop. I know though that I am not alone, it is just that maybe I tried harder. I have been using Vista since April and it has given me trouble almost every single day. Now let us see if it is Rose tinted spectacles that make me believe everything was better before Vista.

This is not the only thing I am doing though, I bought an Asus 4G EeePC as well just in the new year, and I have pretty much converted my full working functionality over to that little machine including such esoteric pieces as MS Project file reading and creation. It is a little stunted, but it is pretty cool to use such a small portable machine which can become a big office machine with the addition of a full size monitor, a full size keyboard, a mouse, and a few useful little tweaks to reveal the full KDE beneath its simple user interface.

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