Is it a Podcast or is it just media…

In a recent post on his Leoville blog, Leo Laporte wrote a Podcast Expo Absentee blog post. This post was drawing the conclusion that it is not the medium, it is the content that is important so stop calling it Podcasting. The medium is all about making it easy to use the content. Anyway, why this post?

Well I have just purchased my second Reciva WiFi Radio. This is a device I have written about before on my old blog. I have found it to work pretty well and I felt that I needed another one for the Kitchen (the present one is in the main bedroom), which coincided with the reduction in price to £39.99. It was in setting this one up that I noted the My Podcast section of the web service that goes with the radio. This My Podcast section is very undersold as it does not even tell you how to set it up. I guessed that the URL requested was the RSS feed URL for the Podcasts you wanted to listen to. I added Radio Leo, his feed which contains everything, and had a quick play. Distressingly I could not find the My Podcast section on the radio so I finished making a coffee and happened to turn the whole radio off. When I turned it on again, there it was – the My Podcast section added only on the reboot. So right now I am listening to a selection of Leo’s content on a device in my kitchen – in a way that anyone else would think was just a simple radio show. This device has separated Podcasts out from the tech world into the ordinary persons world of a simple familiar looking device that just happens to be clever enough to get MP3 based content from an RSS feed on demand.


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