Cinema Seating

Watched a great film this evening – Bourne Ultimatum

It was action packed, slightly preposterous but not too far (why is it that every time Matt Damon is injured he walks with a limp!) .

But the thing I wanted to post about was our seating position. The fact is that we had not booked seats and arrived just before the showing starte, and so we had to sit in the first row down from the ‘middle tier’. This is the slighly unpopular seating area where the screen looks really wide. I am not talking about right at the front where you could practically touch the screen, we are talking one row down. This has been all right in the past but not with Bourne Ultimatum. The director favoured the handheld rapid movement shots for almost every action shot which is basically 80% of the movie. What this meant to me is that I suffered from motion sickness and spent most of the movie sweating, breathing hard and being thankful that the screen had air conditioning that was seemingly blowing straight at me. I do not suffer motion sickness normally by the way – not even if I read in the car.

This says a lot about the movie – it is dynamic, rapid and action packed but make sure that your seat for it is a little way back.

Oh, it will not be the last time we see Bourne either in my view… they seem to really be positioning this to be a long running ‘Bond’ like series beyond the books.


It seems I am not the only one… others have reported feeling ill when watching the Bourne Ultimatum as reported in Webb Alert edition for 29th August, with it referring to this post on Paul Kedrosky’s blog.

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