World Radio – Restrictions

I have no idea if this is really anything to do with the changes to music licensing for Internet/online use that are underway in the US but I am impacted by it now. I purchased a lovely device with technology from Reciva which is a standalone WiFi based music device that links to international and national internet radio services. It works fine, and I even used it to listen to Leo Laporte’s Tech Guy radio broadcast, which was pretty good. I particularly liked listening to the ‘sermon’ at the beginning of the show as it coincided with my children’s bath time on Sunday nights – it being 7pm BST, which equates to 11am PST. It has not worked for last few weeks and I finally got around to checking it out on a PC and I found this message:


Pretty much sums it up. Annoyed – yes. Understanding – partial. Wish for it to change – Yes.

After all, I can get the show in podcast form after the fact. Maybe I need to check out the list of stations to see if everyone has it on blocked.

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