A new phone every year?

I am a very bad person. I did that big thing to move back to my old SPV C550 Smartphone and then a while later I go out and buy a new HTC Vox S710. My response is that I had to do it… a kid at a party took one look at the old SPV and said that immortal death phrase…”I have that phone myself”. Nothing as embarrassing as a 5 year old telling you that they had the same phone as you.

So I have that phone now and I really do like it. I am really pleased with it – good battery life, good features, I do not have to do memory management and that keyboard I needed badly. The only bad point I have at the moment is that the headphones for handsfree/audio playback are connected with that proprietary ‘USB’ style cable rather than something more ordinary.

I wonder if I can last longer than a year with this one?

Anyone want an MDA Vario? One not very careful owner.

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