Good/Bad Customer Service

I have just experienced both bad and good customer service in the same transaction, and in that order. At least I come away being satisfied (very satisfied in fact).

I wrote previously about how I suffered a failed SSD on my EeePC 701 whilst at IBC. eeepc_black_left1 I owned that particular machine since January and it had done sterling work although it was a bit of a poor performer in Outlook 2007. The machine was still within its 12 month warranty and so I returned the machine to the store for it to be repaired. I could not wait for it to be repaired as I use these machines for my work, and so I purchased the fancy all new and all singing advent-4211-msi-wind-mini-laptopAdvent 4211 (an MSI Wind U100 OEM) in the meantime. I then dutifully waited for the machine to return.

Well I heard absolutely nothing, so I visited the store (the UK’s PC World for those who wish to know) to see what had happened. This was where the bad customer service comes in, because absolutely nothing had happened. When I returned the unit, I demonstrated the continuous disk errors but when I returned they said they had further investigated and found nothing wrong. They did not think of calling me when this point had been reached! However getting the unit out, it took me less than three minutes to cause the machine to fail to boot – showing the disk errors that so plagued the machine before. So, five weeks had passed and we were basically no closer to fixing the obvious fault.

This is the point when the good customer service came in, because after some discussion in the back room it was announced that the lowly 701 would be replaced rather than be repaired, and this was the really good bit… they did not have the 701 anymore and therefore would I be ok with the EeePC 900 unit that was now the equivalent and did I mind that it had Windows XP on it. Err… guess the answer.eeepc900_black_300x300

So now I have the little issue of having two fine Netbooks at my disposal and the chance to mix in the personal experiences of the EeePC 701, EeePC 900 and MSI Wind (I know, actually the Advent 4211).

So PC World, please sort out your customer service and also well done for your good customer service, but heh… it could have been better for you overall…

This is the point then to pre-announce that this blog will be changing in the very near future, exactly how much is still being determined but it certainly is to move towards more of the technology used by the Long Distance Workers and less about my personal stuff. Look forward to more info on that soon.

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