Blog of a Long Distance Worker

Fiat Well in the last few days I passed a couple of milestones. The first is three years since I got my little run around for work – the Fiat Seicento Sporting. The second is passing 90,000 miles in it. This blog was started as a homage to my time spent on the road. Yes, that is right – just back and forth to client workplaces and I am not a sales rep, so my driving is nothing to do with what I do. In fact, I spend an absolutely respectable time working from my home office – at least a day a week. To do this amount of driving though some people wonder why I have not got something a little more comfortable. This leads into the following information share about my wee Yellow Beastie:

1. It does the speed limits on all the roads I travel on perfectly respectably.

2. It is reliable ( I have ran out of fuel once and suffered a starting problem caused by the original battery being dead in the three years – the running out of fuel was my own damn fault getting caught with 50 miles of fuel with 51 miles to go to the services on the M42).

3. I get good service from my local Fiat dealer, a dealer who has had the same excellent and pleasant mechanic since we found them 15 years ago.

4. It has low Class 1 insurance

5. It does 50MPG, very important when the cost of fuel has gone up 35% since I got it.

6. It has one of the lower road taxes (not as good as you think though)

7. The maintenance is low with tyres costing less than £40 to replace.

8. I remember when cars with rear seat belts and a radio was luxury… this modern centrally locked, power steering, sun roof, five gear is far out compared to those 1970 beasts.

9. It is easy to find in car parks

10. No one really wants to steal it

11. It has a cigarette socket that charges the phone which ensures I can listen to Podcasts… a discovery that has made all that travel quite pleasant.

Nice going to 11… very Spinal Tap, much more exciting than a list of 10.

All in all, pretty happy… but it is not lasting forever. Worrying signs of wear and tear are audibly coming from the engine compartment – 120,000 miles total is a bit tough on the little thing. Hmmm do I replace it before I have to?

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