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The Tyranny of the Focus Group of One

December 9, 2013

Another one along any minute nowI have blogged here and in a number of other places for over six years. In more recent times I have grown out of the habit, largely because of the large number of social networks I use but also the professional life has been getting in the way. Today I decided I need to regain my blogging habit and with that I have returned to my core site, a place I can post anything I like, about anything I want to talk about, how often I like to do it. I promise nothing and everything all at the same time. With this I have changed the sub-title of this site, to be “The tyranny of the focus group of one” … a reference to the way that everyone thinks they know best and what they like, what they want to do, how they want to do it, is exactly what everyone else would like. That pretty much gives the train of thought that this blog represents – a place for my thoughts and views on anything and everything with no presumption that anyone else will like it, want it or need it. My very own focus group of one….

Come back soon if you want.


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